Monday, February 17, 2014

Nudey Rudey Take 2-dey

The evening after the baby shower I had a booking for my second life modelling class. I also had to drive across the city (thru peak hour traffic) in the opposite direction first to drop off my mum and sisters at the airport (just prior to the class) and was therefore rushing the whole way. I literally parked the car at the life drawing destination one minute after the class was supposed to start!


Then I was racing up and down the hill trying to find the class location. I rang my hubby to get him to google it, dropped my bag and my water bottle started rolling down the hill and THEN… it started to pour with rain! Whilst on the phone with my hubby a second call came thru from the life drawing organiser who lead me in the right direction (Thank-goodness!).

This Life drawing room was a medium sized hall joined to the back of a church. There were two other halls next to it also being used for classes simultaneously. The other classes were a "Glee club" (singing group) and a Tae Kwon Do class. So I stripped off, got into my first pose, closed my eyes and listened to the comical live soundtrack which was a combination of softly playing classical radio and charcoal scratching paper inside the drawing room mixed with gospel force melodies pumping out from the glee club and "HIIIIII-YA!" shouts and chops from the Tae Kwon Do class. It was comforting to think all these church rooms were being put to good use and not shut up collecting dust.

The students were asked to use different techniques throughout the class. At one point the teacher requested they only used geometric shapes to build up the figure. I was intrigued as to how they would interpret this (as my body was clearly at its most CURVACEOUS!!) but one of my favourite sketches from this class is one of these "geometric" interpretations (see photo below).

In between the longer sittings the class will take short breaks. Usually these allow the students to swap over the paper they are using, change medium (if they want to swap from charcoal to ink, to paint etc) or have a glass of water. These breaks give me the chance to get feeling back into my numb limbs or to rub away pins and needles from hands or feet (which happens quite often especially as I get bigger). I also try to wander around the room and check out people's drawings (taking snapshots if they don't mind) and chatting with people in the class. I do attempt to throw my robe on before weaving in and out of the students (although they have just seen me completely exposed and bathed in very unflattering fluorescent light) it still seems appropriate to be semi clad whilst making eye contact and conversation.

Everybody's drawing style, skill and technique are so different. Its lovely to see how each person has interpreted the same subject...

 soft and sketchy (but using guide lines for proportion) 
 heavily shaded (albeit heavily pregnant... ha ha)

Poses normally range from standing (which I try to do at the start for the shorter 1 or 2 minute time slots). Seated (usually there are a variety of seats around the room and I will tend to place a small towel or piece of clothing between hence and my large posterior) I try to do these for the 5 to 10 minute positions. Then finally the reclining (laying down) positions for the 10 to 20 minute poses. You may think that laying down in the same position sounds easy (like being paid to have a little kip) but let me assure you its not! If you would like to try it out, by all means place a towel on a tiled or concrete floor, set a 20 minute timer, assume a desirable laying pose, now stay deadly still for the whole time. Do not scratch your nose, move your head or arm or even your facial expression for that matter. Also when your arm or foot starts to lose sensation don't change facial expressions (still continue to look calm and serene).
Ive found counting the time to myself helps to keep me distracted from the pain... and deep breathing (perhaps this is good training for giving birth?? ha ha).

Most of these drawing classes finish up around 9.30-10.00pm (and then I have about an hour drive to follow to reach home). Due to my sleep patterns being completely out the window I have found it has been a good distraction to have something to do late at night.
My attempt of a strange "last minute late night hurrah!"
"Yes, I might be 8 months pregnant but I will go out mid week and get my kit off in front of a room of strangers, yes I will!" (before I spend the next 6 months tied to a pooey, screaming, feeding little bundle of joy). "6 months I hear you question? how about 18 years... well hopefully the pooing and screaming will subside well before then... I think I can handle the feeding... ha ha ha".

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