Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baby Shower

I think Baby shower's are fun! they are a great chance to gather together all the lovely ladies in your life, dress up, eat yummy foods, play some silly games and celebrate the grand feat your body has created and is about to bring into the world… (oh and of course the pressies too! :))

I thought Baby Shower's were quite a western and modern concept, but after consulting trusty wikipedia I was surprised to read that many countries around the world celebrate a similar baby shower tradition.
These events are usually for woman only and are celebrated either prior to or shortly after the birth. Interestingly the Chinese equivalent called "Man yue" was traditionally held one month after the baby was born, apparently this is due to in ancient times birth mortality rate being so low that it was celebrated if the child survived to 1 month old! In modern Chinese society they claim it gives the mother a month to rest and the baby time to adjust to its surrounds.  To read about a modern day Chinese Man Yue I found one here Not so keen on the food selection of red eggs and sticky rice… I think we had it just right with yummy cakes, sausage rolls, fresh fruit and mocktails!

I was super excited that both my sisters and mum could fly in from interstate to join the celebrations. Although we always have Skype or text on hand for a catch up, it is not very often that we actually have all four of us (5 of us) in one room.

 my sisters to the (left) and beautiful mum
Our yummy food table with devine decorations!!
Games time! 

best play-doh baby… Each person is given a few lumps of play-doh to create a little baby with. 
The one in the bottom right hand corner won (it looks like a real fetus!!)
 Cut and paste a baby (taking cuttings from photocopied photos of Andee and myself, each person had to create a "Brandy" morphed baby). 
I hope our real baby looks better than this… ha ha
Labour or Porn (this is a game I put together with photos off the internet, I cropped faces of woman either having sex or giving birth and the person with the highest correct guesses wins a prize). We revealed the rest of the photo to everyone as we marked their score pages,,, cheeky,,, funny!
Can you guess?
After receiving lots of emails of interest in my "Labour or Porn" game I have finally made it available for you all to enjoy at your own baby shower party!!!! Head to the link below to purchase the game. For just $14.95 you receive the game page as well as the 16 cropped images revealed!! to show who is in AGONY and who is in ECSTASY!! 
This is a sure way to break the ice and get all your girlfriends, aunties, mums and even grandma's giggling!

Guess the belly circumference game! each guest cuts off a length of string with their guess of how long my belly circ is. They put their name on their guess and then I try each piece on for size in front of everyone to find the winner.
handmade hard boiled candy, made in Melbourne
 Me and my mummy in bubs room

The afternoon was topped off with a swim in my neighbours pool! At 41 degrees you have got to be grateful that the loving neighbours don't mind sharing the pool!

Later that evening we were contemplating when bubba would decide to arrive. My sister suggested I just look up the hottest day of his due month and surely that would be it (as my wedding was 42 degrees and the baby shower was 41!!). Funnily enough when I looked up the hottest day estimated for March 2014… it is the actual date my little man is due!! 

I have 2 weeks and 6 days to go…
Cant wait to meet you


  1. Can you send me answers for labour/porn game please :-)

  2. Can you let me know asap as would love to use this st baby shower

  3. Can you please send me answer to as have baby shower this weekend.

  4. All fantastic ideas, would it be possible to get the answers to the labour or porn pictures please?

  5. Hi I love your labour or porn game what a great idea - very creative!!! Is there any chance you could post the answers / photos you used so us not so creative could copy?

  6. HI - I have been searching for a baby shower game for ages - my shower is this weekend - 17th Aug and this looks like so much fun! Would really appreciate it if you might be able to send me the answers / full pictures to show. Thank you SO much. - Your shower looked fab btw! Anna

  7. Hi, could you please send me the answers to the labour or porn game? What a great idea!!

  8. What a great game idea!!
    Could you please send me the answers to?
    Please and thank you! =) xox

  9. Thanks ladies! I am glad you like my game :) it certainly proved to be a great ice breaker and had all my friends, aunties, mum and grandmas laughing. If you would like to play the game at your baby shower then head to the link
    cheers and best of luck with your birth and motherhood journey!!!


  11. Is it game still available for purchase!?

  12. Is it game still available for purchase!?

  13. The link to purchase the game doesn't work. Is there any other way to get this?

  14. the link no longer works. I would love to have this game at my shower. Is there somewhere else to purchase it?