Sunday, October 12, 2014

I am your slave... and you are my parasite

A poem I wrote recently... hope it puts a smile on your face!

I am your slave... and you are my parasite

The most beautiful parasite I ever did meet
who knew a parasite could be so sweet
I am your arms, I am your legs
I am your food when your suckling mouth begs
I knew I wanted you right from the start
but holy shit this small bundle can fart!

Who ever knew such a tiny boy 
Could at times my mind near destroy
When I put you down for a sleep
I hope and pray you dont make a peep
Please give me a moment for my thoughts to collect
so when your cries return my soothe has effect

No book or website or words of advice
could have EVER prepared me for such a needy device
So would I ever give you back?
change my life and choose a different track
a quiet clean house and leisurely strolls in the park
sleep-ins till noon and drinks out after dark
a life where my wants could be followed at a whim
seems too empty now without him...

When your cries reach a certain decible
I want to shout, I want to yell
I want to get down on the floor
and roll around and thrash some more
I want to be a big baby too
I want somebody else to clean up that poo
Please please would you stop that awful racket
for a good nights sleep I would pay a packet

Sometimes at night I must admit
I think my brain STOPS..... just for a bit
I may find myself staring at the wall
Thinking of absolutely nothing at all
and on those nights (where lack of sleep makes me lose perspective)
I wonder why, we didn’t use a better contraceptive?

But then you go and do something brand new
a smile, a giggle, a roll or two
and in that moment my earths obit slows
and inside my chest a piece of my heart grows
I am linked to you intrinsically 
and forever your mother I will be 

Yes I am your slave and you my parasite
But by gosh I love you with all of my might